Sunday, May 19, 2013

Molly's second surgery

Molly is scheduled for her second surgery tomorrow morning at 5:30am at K&B surgery center in Beverly Hills.  She is working on her last minute campaigning for us to cancel.  She just doesn't want the 'icky' medicine at the very beginning before she goes in.  After that she's all good.

Surgery should be a little longer this time because Dr Lewin has to do a minor revision to her ear canal. Molly will also have both of her ears pierced after surgery, she's so excited.

Wish Molly luck, hopefully this is her last round of surgery.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bandages off all day long.

Molly has her 3 post op appointment coming up and she's doing remarkable well.  She has the headwrap and protective ear cup on just at night now.  We have to do daily cleanings of the ear to help it heal.  She's had showers and is able to wash her hair.  She's even starting to like putting her hair behind her ear to keep it out of her face, something she's never been able to do.  Just wait until she gets the second ear!

The ear is still a little swollen and stiff but that's to be expected.  The skin is very pink, but will start to blend in gradually.

Next up is 3rd post op!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

2nd Post Op Appt

Molly's second post operative appointment with Dr. Lewin was just as successful as the first.  The ear looks great, and everything is healing nicely.  Next up, the morning of her next appointment (3-5-13), we can take off the protective cup and seaweed wrap (really, it's seaweed based) and then she can be cup/headband free until she goes to bed.

She's doing VERY well, and has really been a superstar.  Her left ear is May 23rd.

Don't forget to pass around the donation link.  If you have donated, thank you very much give us a hand and pass around the link!  We're almost at our goal!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1st Post-Op Appointment with Dr Lewin

Well Mollys first post-op appointment is in the books.  Everything looks great with her new ear and Molly seems to be cautiously OK with them.  Her little ears were all she knew up until now.  She is fascinated with the whole process, asking Dr Lewin a lot of questions.

What is the tape on my eyes for?
What is that tube coming out of my mouth?
Why is the tape white?
What are the blue towels for?

Dr Lewin answered each question, sometimes many times over until Molly was satisfied.  Molly's perseverance throughout all of this has been nothing short of remarkable.  We're so very proud of her.  She's had to wear a black head band with an ear cup since surgery, along with an incision on her waist line for the skin graft.  She's taking it in stride and really shows a lot of character in her.  She does milk it a bit, but that's totally ok with us.  Here are some new pictures from today's appointment.

Molly was ready for the bandage change and a nice hair wash.

Black head band and ear cup off...

Our first look at her new ear...

Molly's first full look at her new ear, a little unsure...

Getting a nice hair wash...

Grumpy after mom combed the knots out of her hair...

Erin braided Mollys hair to keep it our of the way more...

Dr Lewin applying bacitracin to the new ear...
A little seaweed for the direct ear contact...

Applying the new ear mold for protection...

All ready to go home...

The ear will look purpleish for the next week or so, then should pink up around the next appointment, finally settling in to her natural skin color.  We'll keep this blog updated as we go!

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 days post-op

Wednesday Feb 13th,

Molly had MedPor surgery on her right ear and is recovering quite well.  The surgery lasted about 10 hours and it took a lot out of her.  She has a black headband and a plastic cup covering her new ear.  She has her first post-op appointment tomorrow at 2pm with Dr Lewin.

I'm eager to see her new ear and Molly is eager to get this wrap off even just for a few minutes to wash her hair and see for herself what is happening.  Below is a picture of her newly created ear just after surgery.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All set for surgery!

Molly is all set for surgery tomorrow at 6:30am.  A mild fever yesterday has not returned so we're in the clear.  Molly is surprisingly calm and happy.  I would've thought she'd be nervous and anxious.  Maybe she's blocking, maybe she doesn't fully understand what is happening.  We've showed her videos of what is to come and she has seen pictures of other children that have had this surgery, so it's not a surprise.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pre-Op Appointment

Molly's pre-op appointment was today and all went well.  Molly asked a ton of questions, mainly "why do I need big ears?" Dr Lewin was very patient answering the same question over and over again, she is so great!

Other than explaining the acoustics of sound being caught by your outer ear, my answers to Molly are...

1) You can wear sunglasses
2) You can put your hair behind your ears
3) You can get your ears pierced

She is still not convinced that she needs/wants big ears.  She's always had her 'little ears', just nubs.  It's all she's known until now.  She'll get through it with our help, support and love and hugs.