Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Round One of Doctors

Here is the list of doctors I have to call to see if they do aural atresia repair.

Update: Erin has called the list and is waiting on call backs from a few.

Confirmed do not perform 8-24-10
Mindy Ann Black520-498-1800
Randall Scott Cohen520-694-8888
Robert Cravens520-694-8888 Refers to Roberson!
Robert L Dean520-694-8888
Steven Blatchford520-792-2170
David Miyama520-792-2170
Adam Ray520-792-2170
James Roy Carlson520-795-8777
Thomas Sunil Kang520-795-8777
Jonathan Ray Lara520-795-8777
Stanley Coulthard520-296-8500
Joe Huerta520-296-8500
William LaMear520-296-8500
David Parry520-296-8500
Keith Soderberg520-296-8500
Elias Stratigouleas520-296-8500
Afshin Emami520-792-2170
Eugene Falk520-792-2170
James Gordon520-792-2170
Joseph Small520-795-1581
Thomas Tilsner520-886-1291

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