Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back to normal

Molly is pretty much back to normal.  She has a little bit of pain near the skin graft site but nothing too much.  The site is covered by a pad which is stitched in to her scalp I think.  Can't wait to get that off on Tuesday.

She's had a rough cough at times so I have her on some Delsym right now, she's snoring peacefully next to me right now.

All the pictures from yesterday are up here, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay and San Francisco.

We had a down day today, only went out to get her prescription filled and have lunch at Chipotle.  Her 'ear' drops are new, they're actually eye drops that can also go in the ear.  I'm going to have to ask the doctor before we start using them.  We're going to Monterey Bay Aquarium tomorrow, should be interesting, I will take lots of pictures.

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