Thursday, November 17, 2011

In Surgery

We arrived at exactly 8:00am, the Bay Area traffic was heavy, but not stand still.  We went in around 8:30 and we hung out in the pre-op area while they did paperwork and asked about her recent fever and sniffles.

The nurses let me lie down with Molly on her bed to keep her calm.  We played Angry Birds Rio on my phone, well, I played, and she critiqued.  The anesthesiologist called in from the OR and asked me a few questions about her past experience with surgery.  The anesthesiologist said the slight fever and sniffles were not of any great concern and he advised to proceed.

Molly got her sleepy meds about 9:30, they gave her Versed, twice the dose they gave her the last time she was here.  They were trying to reduce the anxiety of 'the handoff', when I had to leave her in the care of the nurses.  I could tell that they were looking to get started on her so I tried to get Molly to lay down on the bed so they could roll her back.  The anesthesiologist came in and I shifted Molly to her feet and she immediately walked off with him, only to realize that I wasn't directly behind her and came back for me.  So I had to carry her to a point then hand her off to the Dr., still very upset, but I think she resigned to being taken back.  The meds certainly took the edge off any objections she might have raised further.

So I'm in the waiting room, probably another hour or so before I can go back and see her.  I'll write more later once we're back at the house.  I need a drive thru Chinese noodle place for Molly.  I may have to stop on the way home and get something to eat also, I'm starving too.

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