Sunday, June 12, 2011

The day before we leave

Everyone is excited for our California trip, especially Molly.  I've tried to plan as many things as I can during our trip up.  I want to maximize the activities before surgery.  After surgery everything will happen at Molly's pace.  This whole trip is about her.

We're going to be driving to Palm Springs Monday night, and swimming in the pool as much as we can.  Molly's pool time will be severely limited after surgery for a while.  Tuesday morning we're driving on to Palo Alto.  We're taking the pacific coast highway up from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz or so.  We're going to try and stop for interesting things along the way, tide pools, sea lions, etc. 

Yesterday we went to a friends pool party.  Once Molly got comfortable with the people she didn't know (took about 10-15 minutes), she ruled the pool/hot tub.  She declared them 'all her friends' and was very upset when we left the party.

Anyhow, we are almost ready to be on the road.  It's more than a little scary.

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  1. I'll be thinking of you all and especially Molly. Hoping to keep up with things while we're away, via your blog. Molly's a spitfire, she's going to do wonderfully especially with the love and support she has around her.

    Hugs to Molly and to you all!