Sunday, June 26, 2011

Molly's hearing

We are home and everyone is happy to be in their own beds.  It's about 110 degrees here in Tucson so it's going to be inside days for a while.

Molly is doing well and she's getting tired of me saying at different distances "Can you hear me now?".  Even with the packing in, she can hear much better, it's remarkable.  I'm really looking forward to her first audio-gram in about a month and a half.

Her pre-op ear.
and the new canal...

The skin graft site is healing as expected.  We were told it would be like a bad skinned knee and that's just how it looks.  She has a bit of gauze stuck near the bottom and we're just going to let that come out when it's ready.  The steri-strips behind her new canal will also just fall off when ready.  We're going to attempt to get some warm water in her skin graft site and see how she responds.

We're also doing antibiotic ear drops twice a day to keep the packing moist and expanded.

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