Friday, June 17, 2011

Off to San Francisco

We went to a local park for a bit of relaxing, sat at a beach and watched the tide push us up the beach.  Planes flying low into SFO was interesting to watch as well.

We went to IKEA for lunch, yum meatballs!  Then off to CEI to have Molly's bandages removed.  Boy it's a good thing we came into the office to do this.  We had the option of taking it off ourselves, but the spot where they took her skin graft was still quite bloody and they had to put a bandage back on.  Everything is normal they say, just needs a little more time to begin healing.

We went back to the hotel around 4pm and realized that we were supposed to have already checked out.  We had our schedule off by a day and we were due in the bed and breakfast in San Francisco.  So we rushed and packed up, everybody yelling at each other, ok, mainly Katie and I grumping at each other.  But we made it to SF and got settled in.

We're off to explore Golden Gate Park tomorrow.

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